About foodszs-中国食品招商网

The introduction of the Chinese food business network
Relying on the media and professional authority with the network technology, the Chinese food business network is trying its best to build one network business platform for food industry. There are several distinct characters primarily in the following areas:
High-capacity, multi-form business information
Chinese food business network daily published a large number of investment information, involving supply information, the information being sought, product information, manufacturers, and dealers database fields, Chinese food business network amounted to tens of thousands of daily business publication, and attracted many food merchants to do business online .It has set up an open online trading platform for manufacturers and distributors.
Comprehensive and timely industry news
In the Chinese food business network missive market information with the latest industry developments and trends in the market can provide the latest weather vanes for the food businessman to understand and grasp the pulse of the market. Unique feature columns personalized value-added services
The model to developing market--Provincial cities as the main, other cities as supplement. Basically, all provincial cities can be covered nationwide. It must include the most detailed and comprehensive information on the terminals (including supermarkets, hotels, wholesale markets, the night market and so on), the media and dealers, manufacturers and other business information to provide an accurate and practical reference for the food-producing enterprises to explore the regional markets.
Food Union is the service provided by the Chinese food business network for the senior members, which can provide professional, comprehensive information, commerce, information services for member companies.
More free and active personal exhibition space
The Chinese food business network has special production "brand communities", which is an independent brand and set up 100 sub-communities of well-known brands that involves liquor, beer, wine, rice wine, dairy products and other beverages. Clicking on the corresponding sites into the community, you will get all the hot news associated with that brand.
Community advocates "more inclusive, more just and more genuine," so as to create a "community first" in the food industry information exchange and strive to make it a discussion area on enhancing brand value and discussing brand change.